Safe Ways to School Tool Kit

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Safe Ways to School Tool Kit
Walkability Checklist

The Safe Ways to School Toolkit can be used by schools throughout the state and nation to create a safer bicycling and walking environment for children. The tool kit includes a student travel survey, a school site design assessment, a neighborhood site assessment, and parent and student attitudinal surveys.

Components of the Project:

  • Each school forms a School Traffic Safety Team.
  • A bicycle/pedestrian safety component is written into the “School Improvement Plan” dealing with safe routes, a safety committee, and a safety education curriculum.
  • A school-wide travel survey is conducted at the beginning of the project to assess the various transportation modes students use to go to and from school.
  • A school site design analysis and a neighborhood site assessment are conducted to determine the conditions of street traffic, parent and bus drop-off locations, sidewalks, crossings, and the overall safety of existing routes to school.
  • Attitudinal surveys are administered to parents and students, identifying their concerns.
  • A list of planned improvements are generated and presented to the appropriate government entity for consideration and funding using a variety of monetary sources, including state/federal “safety” dollars and sidewalk “enhancement” funds.
  • Traffic Safety Training is given to physical education teachers, school resource officers, and crossing guards.
  • Finally, a Traffic Safety Education curriculum is implemented for students. Parents are encouraged to participate through “walking school bus” programs and other “safe” neighborhood initiatives.
  • A follow-up travel survey is administered and an on-going process established to continue to assess traffic hazards.